Monthly Archives: January 2009

Upgrade Amarok to 2.0

this one will allow you to have the lastest verison of amarok in your sources.

  1. add the following line to your sources list
  2. deb intrepid main

  3. then find “amarok-kde4” on synaptic manager and install it
  4. the upgrade will take care of deleting the old amarok and installing the new one in

Upgrade OpenOffice to 3.0

i’ve been using the older version of openoffice and i wanted to upgrade to 3.0 in ubuntu.  well it is not as easy as … i download the files and then click upgrade.  there are repositories that i need to download in order to install them properly.  you will be using ppa (personal package archive) in order to have such of installation.

so what i did in order to have this upgrade automatically is the following steps:

  1. first you will need to open “synaptic package manager
  2. go to “third-party software” tab and then click on “add”
  3. add this following line
    deb intrepid main
  4. now reload the package information the synaptic package manager and then upgrade

Facebook On Your Messenger

alright… i know that i am currently working on a paper but i had to do this.  just as it right now i just experience the best application that i could ever imagine.  i really hate people that chat through facebook chat and i really hate to be bother while i am stalking others :D.  so what it is what i am talking about… the facebook integration to pidgin in order to use it as a instant message application, just like if you were using yahoo, msn, icq and others.

now i will be able to chat with my friends with no problem from my instant messenger.  that is why i love open source applications, it gives you the freedom  to use it which ever way you want it.

so in order to have facebook on your im you will need to get…

  1. pidgin at
  2. facebook add-in at

and that is it… NOTE: that this was tested on ubuntu (linux os).