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Microsoft Outlook.com to Replace Hotmail, Microsoft Throws $30 Million into Outlook.com Marketing, Including Attack on Google Gmail Advertising

Things are changing!!!  How many of you like changes? Probably not that many, right?  Microsoft has decided to actually migrate their Hotmail infrastructure to Outlook Web.  Not to confuse the Outlook native application.

Microsoft Outlook.com to Replace Hotmail, Microsoft Throws $30 Million into Outlook.com Marketing, Including Attack on Google Gmail Advertising – ABC News.

Microsoft Office 2008 Database Problem – The macosxhints Forums

If you ever have issues when re-installing office on your mac by getting this error

There is a problem with the Office database

Office might be unable to access the database or the database file might be damaged. Without the database, you might be unable to use the Address Book, Scrapbook, and other features that store your personal information.

To rebuild the database, open Microsoft Office 2008/Office, and then open the Microsoft Database Utility. For more information, open the Database Utility application, and on the Help menu, click Database Utility Help.

The section below will help you solve it!!!

Deleting “Main Identity” only did not help me. Here is how I solved
1- Deleted “Microsoft User Data” folder under Documents
2- Deleted all com.microsoft.* under ~/Library/Preferences
3- Deleted Microsoft folder under ~/Library/Preferences
I then re-ran Office Setup Assistant, and problem solved.

via Microsoft Office 2008 Database Problem – The macosxhints Forums.

How to use conditional formatting to shade every other row in Excel

The other day I was on MS Excel and I wanted to have every other row colored, since it was really difficult to read due to the content that I had.  I found a really good solution where all you would have to do is to

  1. Select the rows that you would like to color
  2. Go to Format -> Conditional Formatting
  3. In Condition 1 change it to select Formula Is instead
  4. enter the following formula =MOD(ROW(),2)=1
  5. Click on Format button
  6. When then new box opens up, click on the Patterns tab
  7. Pick the color that you would like, and then click OK.
  8. Now on the Conditional Formatting dialog box, click OK.

Then enjoy your colors on every other row 😛

Source How to use conditional formatting to shade every other row in Excel.

Hotmail: Mobile – Instructions to get Hotmail on a mobile phone.

about time microsoft finally release some type of documentation in terms of having their products being able to sync with mail, contacts, and calendars in the mobile area.  now it will be a matter of centuries before they could catchup with google. 😛

Source Hotmail: Mobile – Instructions to get Hotmail on a mobile phone..

Blackberry and Exchange without Blackberry Enterprise Server

since february i’ve been a blackberry user.  i really like my black berry pearl 8130, but the only thing that i don’t like at all is the memory.  it is alright, i could live resetting my blackberry so my phone log will not be deleted.  well anyways, sinse i got the blackberry i’ve all my email being send to my blackberry.  now, i am working at this new company and i just configure microsoft exhange.  so guess what?! i would need a blackberry enterprise in order for me to sync my blackberry with an exchange server.  i don’t think that my company would like to pay $2,000 for a blackberry server that will sync my blackberry and theirs.

i started to do some research and i found this web How to set up a Blackberry with Exchange (without using Blackberry Enterprise server) and i tested it but it didn’t work. but, i found a way that you can configure your blackberry and exchange for free and be able to send and receive emails to your blackberry.  it is really easy to do and all you need is to do some research about your phone provider.


  1. go to google.com and search for “blackberry webmail sprint”
    just change sprint for your phone provider ex. verizon, alltell, etc.
  2. now you will have bunch of search queries. click on the one that is related to your phone provider in my case is http://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=sprint
  3. login with your user name and password
    if you don’t have. create one.
  4. after you login, click on “Set Up Account”
  5. put your email address and password that you want to setup
  6. then, click next
    wait patiently… until is done TRYING to setup your account
  7. now, click on “I will provide the settings to add this email account.” THEN click “Next”
  8. select either, “This is my personal email account.” OR “This is my work email account.”
    in my case is work email
  9. now this is the part that is tricky. the way i did it was selecting “Outlook® Web Access”.  the reason why i chose that is because my URL of the company is not going to change. so select that one and then click “Next”
  10. now input, the exchange URL, user name, password, email address and mailbox name.  in Exchange, the user name and mailbox name are going to be the same. but, of course this depends on how your Exchange server is setup. in order words, ask your server administrator ;).
  11. then, click “Next”, and congrats you are done ;).

after setting up your blackberry you should receive an emails saying that your blackberry has been compleate configure and you should be receiving emails like in 20 min.  if this didn’t happen, go back and READ CAREFULLY.