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Facebook Imported Sites

so i discover yesterday something pretty neat. 😛  what is what i discover?! this wonderful tool developed by Facebook which it allows me to import my RSS to my notes.  so since i have a blog where i post all or at least part of my life, this should go automatically to my facebook notes using RSS.  all i had to do was to link my RSS to the facebook application and everything is ready to go.

before of this i was using wordbook which it was a really neat aplpication as well.  but now since i have this, i guess there will be no more need of using wordbook any more.

Think Ahead – The New Facebook Revolution

alright, i think that this is how is going to work…

facebook at the begining was pretty simple stuff for schools network be connected through the website and then with the whole nation and probably with the whole world… but what they want to do is to make things better, right? because the competition with myspace they add the non-network for other people join in facebook… now they introduce the new posting videos on your shares…

now think, wht do you think is going to be the next thing that they might do…!?

i would say that if this keep going like that then they are going to turn kind’a into a blog site in the future… or they are going to count how many post you have done (like a forum), who knows… i mean they do whatever we ask them to do and then they revised it and if is good they will develop it…

what do you think it could happend 5 years from now to facebook?

Memories (Monkey-See-Monkey-Do)

wtf wrong with you people… type a memory about me and you will make an contribution to the people that have cancer, or how about; write something about me and if you write in 5 people walls and make a wish, the next day a the same time that you post one of our memory your wish will come true.

would somebody tell me wtf is wrong with our society today in the world?! is it just me or what?

i mean one person jump out of their roof and somebody thought that it was cool and now everybody has to do ti just because they don’t have the capacity to create something cooler, like jumping out of a building roof… i would say that is much more cooler rather than jumping out of a roof…

FFF (Fake-Facebook-Friends)

alright, i’m going to start saying that i hate when people try to be y friend just on facebook, please tell me what is the whole point of being just my friends on facebook if you don’t ever talk to me in real life? what would be the whole point of it, ah?!

do you guys agree or disagree with my statement???