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So I guess this is it.  No more getting late to class, playing ball and doing homework.  I guess all of these things will fall behind from today.

Being an Alumni from Clarke College it is a privilege, but what I think it is a real privilege, it is having my family and close friends with me that day.  Of course not all my family members are going to be with me and not all my friends are going to be with me.  What it really matters it is their “Thank You”  to me, and their support.  I would not really know what I would do with out you guys.

I just want to say Thank You for your support.

Done with finals

Well I guess that now it is a matter or days in order to fully become an Alumni from Clarke College. After being 4 years being in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and a minor in Business Administration (BA), I guess that would be enough for me.

I will keep you posted with any updated with my adult life :P.