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Android Lost

Have you ever lost/misplace your phone?  Well, now is the time where there is an awesome app that you can use to remotely control your phone.  When I say remotely, I really mean it.  So far I have tested almost all of its features and it works pretty slick!!!

  • Read SMS’es
  • Remote control alarm
  • View on map
  • Send SMS’es from your PC
  • Lock the phone
  • Wipe the phone
  • Pop up messages on the phone
  • Forward your calls
  • No battery use
  • No pre installation required
  • Read status
  • SMS commands
  • Erase SD card
  • SIM card changed
  • Hidden SMS
  • Call list
  • Camera
  • Tablets
  • Text to speech
  • Multiple phones on the same account
  • Browse content

Android Lost.

What does each menu means in ClockworkMod Recovery On Android

i just recently rooted my phone just for the heck of it.  being a first timer i found a really difficult part on know what each menu meant.  the link below will give you some good documentation on what each thing means. hope it helps you folks as much as i has helped me 🙂 .

How to use the ClockworkMod Recovery on Android

Source What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It On Android [Complete Guide].

Android vs iPhone

on a recent blog they show a really good graph which it was base on the current smartphone competition.  this included iphone and android phone for the different phone carriers.  i honestly think that android is a better phone, but it is not as popular as the iphone.  the market of the android has definitely increase, but we need to give the android more time to mature and have people more engage to a different phone [perhaps carrier].