Here you will not really find my actual Resume. Sorry… (If you would like my skills and would like a copy of my Resume please shoot me a email ) …But you will be able to find really good information of what I’ve learned and the experience that I currently have. Now, here is how this will go.

Advance is where I have more than 5 years of experience; Intermediate is where I have less than 5 years of experience; Beginner is where I have less than 3 year of experience… and n00b, you shouldn’t even ask. I am just starting to learn this so give me a break.
• Windows (3.1-Vista), Mac (7.5-10)
• Microsoft Office Package, Adobe Applications, Networking, Computer Administration, DHCP, DNS, IP
• Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Untangle, and Knoppix)
• HTML, CSS, XML, RSS, Java, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, PHP, SQL, MySQL,, ASP
• DotNetNuke 4.0, VMware, VirtualBox
• Scripting in Linux and Windows batch, C/C++

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