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Well, did I forget to mention that I am kind of like a developer? If I did I am sorry. I spent some time programming when I was young and then I realized that programming actually wasn’t for me that much. Afer realizing that I decided to help users with my knowledge and programming here and there whenever there is a need to. Since I joined the Linux community my programming knowledge has increased.
Anyways, I don’t think that you want to know that much about me. Here are a list of programs that I’ve developed in my years of life. Such a programs are developed in different type of languages, so you have to make sure that the program will run on your operating system. I’ll try to provide as much details as I can but I do not promise anything.

F.Y.I., These programs are not supported, and it is not my fault if your computer breaks. They ran on my computer with no problem, but that doesn’t mean that it will run on yours without any as well.

Program List Legend:
OS: that the program will run on
Name: how I called the program
Description: a little information on what the program actually does

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