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Creating fake or empty file sizes

this is slick…… today i wanted to test how long would it take to transfer a data set between two different tools and protocols. the two protocol that i was testing were SAMBA and SFTP under a windows machine.  i wanted to try to transfer an empty ISO 1,073,741,824 bytes = 1GB.

if you would like to create this fake file here would be the code that you would have to use

  1. open command prompt (cmd)
  2. and type this command
fsutil file createnew test.iso 1073741824

that will allow you to create a fake iso file with 1GB of space.  if you are interested on the results take a look at the table below.

Total time: 00:32:21.686
Task Start Time
SFTP transfer
12:41:28 PM
Share drive transfer 12:21:01 PM 00:19:59.28
Time difference 07:36.87
% difference 61.90%

Domain Name Scam

today i just received the most legitimate scam in last year.  is about a domain that i own and they would like purchase.  this has been going around and around for people to purchase appraisals so companies could make some money.  simply report the email as scam to who ever is your email system administrator.
here is the email information:

from Mark Allen (markallen38@gmail.com)
to “you”
subject Offer for your domain domainname.com
mailed-by domainstoreonline.net

also here is how the email comes out like:

We are interested to buy your domain name domainname.com

and offer to buy it from you for 70% of the appraised market value.As of now we accept appraisals from either one of the following leading appraisal companies:


If you already have an appraisal please forward it to us.

As soon as we have received your appraisal we will send you our payment (we use paypal for amounts less than $2,000 and escrow.com for amounts above $2,000) as well as further instructions on how to complete the transfer of the domain name.

We appreciate your business,

Yours truly,

Mark Allen

hope that helps reducing the amount of scam in the world!!!

Morfeus Fucking Scanner

so today when i was checking my log i found this “morfeus fucking scanner” on my tracker.  i got a little bit worried about it. so i started to research and i found that this is some type of server that scans wordpress blogs for holes.  apparently if there is a hole then the hacker will be able to get into your system.  but sure enough there is a solution.  please click under resources so you could find a answer like i did.

Update on Morfeus Fucking Scanner