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Windows blue screen even on virtual machines

if you thought that blue screens are only on regular windows boxes…. you are wrong!!! yesterday i just experience  a blue screen on my windows virtual machine (vm).  i am currently running ubuntu 10.04 and have windows xp pro on my virtual machine.  apparently the vm got stock on a process with a infinite loop.  isn’t that something…. only on the windows journey.


Virtual Machine Blue Screen of Death

Export friend and blacklist from Mailwasher

This is a tutorial that it will illustrate how to export your friend and black list from Mailwasher 5.3 on Windows XP.

I been using Mailwasher for quite while now and it is a really good application to catch spam, but I was wondering how to come up with something that I could export my friend and black list from their application. Unfortunately you could only import *.csv files into their app and not export any data. Well, I bet that you are wondering how to export your list and post it on another email account of yours.


  1. Open “Windows Explorer
    Make sure that “Show hidden files and folders” it is chose. Don’t know how to do this click here.
  2. Replace “your_user” for your Windows XP account user name
    Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\your_user\Application Data\MailWasherPro
  3. Copy “Blacklist.txt” to your Desktop or desire folder
  4. Open “Blacklist.txt” with your desire application. Add and remove all the email addresses that you want from it.
  5. Save As” Blasklist file and make sure that you change the extension to the extension that your email account is asking for you to import your email friend and/or blacklist. Usually they always use *.csv format.

Now you are done. That was easy wasn’t it. 😛