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Download AVG and install offline

the other day i was fixing a friend’s computer with no internet connectivity.  his internet was down but not really.  he has a windows pc which it has a virus…… the usual story.  i really couldn’t connect to the internet at all and he did not have any anti-virus.  (good figure :sight:).  so i went to a free anti-virus version (AVG), but i couldn’t figure out how to download the free version as an offline app.  after researching for a awhile i found my path :).

if you would like to install AVG not from the server (meaning offline installation; in other words not using internet connectivity for the installation) here is the path for the english version.


enjoy 🙂



no body would believe me this but today i found a treasure. yes, a tresuare i said.  well, at least for me. 😉  so’ here is what i found… my VERY FIRST web site that i have ever developed…  and in top of that my VERY FIRST program that i’ve ever developed.  this site i developed it when i was 15 years old along with my program.  this program is gold.

this program is called SSWB (Super Special Web Browser)… guess who came up with the name 😉 and what is does is… BROWSE THE WEB… what do you think it would of done… 🙂 … well, why i’ve developed a browser to navigate the net when in that time we had ie5 or ie6?  well, this web browser is the fastest web browser that you could ever use.  even faster than mozilla firefox and i am not kidding.  but, security wise… mmmnnnn, i really do not know.  i didn’t care at that age.

if want to take a look at my page you are more than welcome to go and visit the following link first web site.

if you want to download SSWB all you have to do is to click on the following link Super Special Web Browser.  here is some description from the program “this is like internet explorer, but i create this program (browser), for search specifics things. This browser don’t store, links on the address bar.”  this program was developed in Visual Basic 6 and it was meant to work with windows 98 and ME,  but it is compatible with XP.  just tested 😉

oh! and by the way… sorry for all the grammar errors 🙂 i didn’t mean to write that bad then and now.  enjoy my first program of VB.

Secure your computer from viruses

Securing your computer it is beyond of just having an anti-virus. Couple of years ago, having an anti-virus would do everything for you to catch most of the viruses. Well, now that it is gone!!! Now in order to be fully protected you would need to have more than an anti-virus installed on your computer. Here I will introduce you couple of free tools that you could use in order to be more protected than ever.

One of the tools is Ad-Aware. This tool will scan for any time of malware and/or spyware that it is installed in your computer without your knowledge. The other tool that I will introduce to you is Spy-Boot Search and Destroy. This tool it is similar to Ad-Aware, but this one catches what Ad-Aware doesn’t catch. Last but not least, WinPatrol. This tool it is a registry tracker. What it does is that tracks the changes on your registry and asks you if you made that change. Because we know since malware its install in your computer without your knowledge with this tool you would be able to indentify if a change was made in your registry without your knowledge.

For more information and download about this apps, please visit their corresponded website. Ad-Aware please click here or visit http://www.lavasoftusa.com/single/trialpay.php. Spy-Boot Search and Destroy please click here or visit http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/index.html. WinPatrol please click here or visit http://www.winpatrol.com/.