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Installing Moodle 3.0 on 1&1 shared host

I finally was able to find a guide that was able to allow me to setup Moodle on 1&1 Shared hosting environment.  To me, the only thing that I followed was deactivating “slash arguments” from “http://yourserver/admin/settings.php?section=http” section.  Once I did that, then my web HTML 1.0 site, got converted into a web HTML 3.0 (at least).

Thanks for the share!

Source: Installing moodle 2.6 on 1&1 Host » Gistlabs.net

Error 500 from 1&1

so i transfered all my blog post from my own local server to 1&1 and since the transferer i was experiencing “Error 500” from the server.  i could barely do anything becuase of that error.  yester after being on the phone for 30 hour we realized that it was because of php.  i currently have php4 and php5 on my server, but php4 is the default.  if i want to have php5 on that host i will need to specify it on the “.htaccess” that this host will be running php5 and that did take care of the problem ;).

Flock web browser

I honestly love Flock, the social web browser. But right now it is driving me nuts. I have the version 1.1 and I’m subscribe to my YouTube, WordPress, Flikr accounts with no problems. But… when ever I subscribe to Facebook it actually never record my password in the computer. Actually whenever I click on the Facebook button, it takes me to Facebook and then asked me for my password. Once I enter my password and hit enter it actually never record my password between Flock and my Facebook account.
One day by miracle started working without me trying to fix it (that is the beauty of computers), but then stopped again and I can’t make it to come back on.
I’ll try to update to Flock last version to see if they would fix this problem.