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Installing Moodle 3.0 on 1&1 shared host

I finally was able to find a guide that was able to allow me to setup Moodle on 1&1 Shared hosting environment.  To me, the only thing that I followed was deactivating “slash arguments” from “http://yourserver/admin/settings.php?section=http” section.  Once I did that, then my web HTML 1.0 site, got converted into a web HTML 3.0 (at least).

Thanks for the share!

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I know now why Facebook was so slow…

so i just found out why FACEBOOK was so slow today.  it was becasue some hacker(s) hacked the popular micro-blogging web site called twitter at  twitter had a denial of service about 8 hours ago which it was making facebook really slow because hackers had thousands of computer tweeting at the same time.  well, that is what i’ve heard so far, things might change ;).



Facebook under construction today?



i really don’t know how many of you have been accessing facebook today ,but it is freaking slow.  every time i try to do something i receive the following message “Something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. You may be able to try again.” from facebook.  i think that they are really making some changes because when you go to see friend request you will be able to see the recommended one(s) as well.

Error 500 from 1&1

so i transfered all my blog post from my own local server to 1&1 and since the transferer i was experiencing “Error 500” from the server.  i could barely do anything becuase of that error.  yester after being on the phone for 30 hour we realized that it was because of php.  i currently have php4 and php5 on my server, but php4 is the default.  if i want to have php5 on that host i will need to specify it on the “.htaccess” that this host will be running php5 and that did take care of the problem ;).

Morfeus Fucking Scanner

so today when i was checking my log i found this “morfeus fucking scanner” on my tracker.  i got a little bit worried about it. so i started to research and i found that this is some type of server that scans wordpress blogs for holes.  apparently if there is a hole then the hacker will be able to get into your system.  but sure enough there is a solution.  please click under resources so you could find a answer like i did.

Update on Morfeus Fucking Scanner

UOP – Gmail

university of phoenix will be incorporating thisd december 19, 2008 the new Gmail email interface.  we will not longer be using their hosted email service.  now with Gmail we will have more freedom to use outlook and other email clients applications.

i think this would be nice becuase now i could have outlook or thunderbird as my mail client to send and received emails at all time.  before i wasn’t using their email system but now if they are going to be incorporating this then i gues that i’ll use my uop more than before.