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How to send emails to phone as a SMS

Ever wonder how you can send from your email to a cellphone/mobile device a message? Well, let me tell you that there is a way!!! the only requirements are:

  1. You know the person’s number (duh!)
  2. You know which service carrier or provider they have
service carrier or provider how to do it
Alltel 10 digit phone
AT&T (formerly Cingular) 10 digit phone
10 digit phone (MMS)
10 digit phone
Boost Mobile 10 digit phone
Nextel (now Sprint Nextel) 10 digit phone
Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel) 10 digit phone
10 digit phone (MMS)
T-Mobile 10 digit phone
US Cellular 10 digit phone (SMS)
10 digit phone (MMS)
Verizon 10 digit phone
10 digit phone (MMS)
Virgin Mobile USA 10 digit phone

…and that’s it pretty much. Enjoy!!!

Creating fake or empty file sizes

this is slick…… today i wanted to test how long would it take to transfer a data set between two different tools and protocols. the two protocol that i was testing were SAMBA and SFTP under a windows machine.  i wanted to try to transfer an empty ISO 1,073,741,824 bytes = 1GB.

if you would like to create this fake file here would be the code that you would have to use

  1. open command prompt (cmd)
  2. and type this command
fsutil file createnew test.iso 1073741824

that will allow you to create a fake iso file with 1GB of space.  if you are interested on the results take a look at the table below.

Total time: 00:32:21.686
Task Start Time
SFTP transfer
12:41:28 PM
Share drive transfer 12:21:01 PM 00:19:59.28
Time difference 07:36.87
% difference 61.90%

Super FM Transmitter Mod

yesterday i just did my first non-computer hack.  i mod a fm transmitter converting it to a “super steroid fm transmitter.”  my transmitter wasn’t that good with its signal strength so i decided to upgraded or put it on steroids (however you want to call it).

what i did was really simple.  i went to radioshack and get:

  1. electrical wire
  2. antenna (preferably tv)
  3. solder
  4. acid paste flux (roll)

then you will need to open your fm transmitter and unsolder the wire where the antenna is connected (see image 1).  once you have done this… then connect your new electrical wire to where the antennas was connected.  then connect your electrical wire to the antenna that you bought and now you have a “super steroid fm transmitter.”

Single Chip Transmitter

image 1 by Single Chip FM Transmitter

note: make sure that you assemble all the parts the way it was, it is not my fault if you screwed up and i think this might be illegal in couple of countries.  this is me just showing you that i got it done 😉 and that it is possible and you could probably do it as well.

Remove “click to activate and use this control”

This hack or tutorial it is for web admins that what to remove the “click to activate and use this control” that appears in IE7 or above.


  1. Goto your last <object> and write this below
    <script type="text/javascript" src="NoActiveAndUseThisControl-IE7.js"></script>
  2. Now, open notepad and copy and paste this code into notepad.
    theObjects = document.getElementsByTagName("object");
    for (var i = 0; i < theObjects.length; i++) {
    theObjects[i].outerHTML = theObjects[i].outerHTML;
  3. Save As this file and name it as “NoActiveAndUseThisControl-IE7.js
  4. Now upload them into your server and you should be good to go ;).