Super FM Transmitter Mod

yesterday i just did my first non-computer hack.  i mod a fm transmitter converting it to a “super steroid fm transmitter.”  my transmitter wasn’t that good with its signal strength so i decided to upgraded or put it on steroids (however you want to call it).

what i did was really simple.  i went to radioshack and get:

  1. electrical wire
  2. antenna (preferably tv)
  3. solder
  4. acid paste flux (roll)

then you will need to open your fm transmitter and unsolder the wire where the antenna is connected (see image 1).  once you have done this… then connect your new electrical wire to where the antennas was connected.  then connect your electrical wire to the antenna that you bought and now you have a “super steroid fm transmitter.”

Single Chip Transmitter

image 1 by Single Chip FM Transmitter

note: make sure that you assemble all the parts the way it was, it is not my fault if you screwed up and i think this might be illegal in couple of countries.  this is me just showing you that i got it done 😉 and that it is possible and you could probably do it as well.

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