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Workspaces in Windows

at some  point in my life i was a windows power user now i am not (just in case you wonder i use linux, mac, and windows).  one thing that i liked about linux was “workspaces.”  they are freaking amazing by allowing you to you multiple “virtual desktops” and move things around.  so in other words you will not have everything one in one desktop and you will be able to have one destop for web, chat, programming, and others in your only one monitor.

so whenever i was switching back and forth from linux and mac to windows it was freaking inrritaring.  i was only allowed to have everything on one screen/display only.  so i went for a search… 🙂 and i found this program called VirtualWin.  this program will allow you to have virtual desktops without the needing of buying multiple monitors.  the following information is a description from their site

VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating system (Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista). A virtual desktop manager lets you organize applications over several virtual desktops (also called ‘workspaces’). Virtual desktops are very common in Unix/Linux, and once you get accustomed to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow.

VirtuaWin is designed to be simple and elegant to use yet still be highly configurable and extensible.

so if you are tired of having everything on one window and you would like to be organize (when it comes in terms of applications) then this app will do that for you.  oh!!! did i forget to say that it is for FREE. 😉

VirtuaWin – The Virtual Desktop Manager

Nimbuzz – Free international mobile call chat messaging with skype, msn & yahoo messenger, Icq

if you own a blackberry like me (in my current case pearl 8130) and you wish to be able to use skype and facebook chat then nimbuzz is your solution.  there are all messaging apps available for msn, aol, yahoo, google and others.  but you will not find an application for skype or facebook chat.  skype is still under current development of the skype mobile client and facebook chat is mmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn, i don’t know.  i don’t think that they will develop an application for facebook chat at the time, plus there are no rumors.

so why am i writing this to inform you something that you would probably already know, well because there is a mobile app for free that will be able to use skype and facebook chat at the same time plus other instant messaging clients.  the program is call nimbuzz and you could go and visit their site (link below) in order to find more information about them and download their program in order to be able to use skype and facebook chat.

hopefully you will enjoy as much as i do. i absolutely love it.

Nimbuzz – Free international mobile call chat messaging with skype, msn & yahoo messenger, Icq

PS: you will need to create an account with them and provide your mobile phone number. i thought that it was a scam, but is not. 😉

Facebook On Your Messenger

alright… i know that i am currently working on a paper but i had to do this.  just as it right now i just experience the best application that i could ever imagine.  i really hate people that chat through facebook chat and i really hate to be bother while i am stalking others :D.  so what it is what i am talking about… the facebook integration to pidgin in order to use it as a instant message application, just like if you were using yahoo, msn, icq and others.

now i will be able to chat with my friends with no problem from my instant messenger.  that is why i love open source applications, it gives you the freedom  to use it which ever way you want it.

so in order to have facebook on your im you will need to get…

  1. pidgin at
  2. facebook add-in at

and that is it… NOTE: that this was tested on ubuntu (linux os).

Send SMS messages using your email

I found out couple of days ago that you could send text messages for free.  YES FOR FREE!!! no need to open an account (unless you don’t have a email address).  The only thing that you will need to do is to replace mobilenumber with the actual number that you are sending the text message to and then hit send.

  • T-Mobile:
  • Virgin Mobile:
  • Cingular:
  • Sprint:
  • Verazion:
  • Nextel:


Infranview is a small and compact program that allows you to be a creative person with basic tools. Infranview is a freebe application that I found navigating through out the web. Infranview allows you to open most of the images extensions available without any problem.

InfraviewBut what is it that I really like about Infranview? The feature that I like the most about Infranview is InfranView Thumbnails. This add-on comes with InfranView program. This program allows you to quickly make thumbnails with couple of clicks. All you have to do is to go to the desirable folder, pick the images and then create the thumbnails. The thumbnail sizes run from 50×50 – 800×800 pixels.

For more information and download Infranview please click here or visit

Keep yourself posted for the coming tutorial ;).

Social Web Browser Flock

This is the first open source social web browser ever made in history. This web browser it is based on Mozilla Firefox solutions from Mozilla. Developers called “the social web browser,” because of the web services that are integrated in such a browser.
The question that you might be asking yourself is if you would really need Flock installed in your system?!
Well, this is really easy to answer. If you have more than one social web account such as: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Photobucket, Blogger, WordPress,, ect., then I would highly recommend you to be part of the Flock family. Flock will defiantly make your life much easier. There will not be a need of you to be login-in, login-out or visiting a social web. You will have all of those accounts in one web browser, which it will give you the current updates of your friend status. Also you will be able to upload photos from Flock directly to the desire social web server.
Also another cool feature of Flock is the “Media Bar.” This feature will allow you to see photos and videos on the top of your web content. All that you will have to do is to browse on the media bar while you are searching for something different on the web.
Last but not least, one of the most important features is blogging. With Flock you will be able to post your blogs directly from the web browser without the need of going through other programs.

For more information and download Flock please click here or visit