Monthly Archives: February 2009

Super FM Transmitter Mod

yesterday i just did my first non-computer hack.  i mod a fm transmitter converting it to a “super steroid fm transmitter.”  my transmitter wasn’t that good with its signal strength so i decided to upgraded or put it on steroids (however you want to call it).

what i did was really simple.  i went to radioshack and get:

  1. electrical wire
  2. antenna (preferably tv)
  3. solder
  4. acid paste flux (roll)

then you will need to open your fm transmitter and unsolder the wire where the antenna is connected (see image 1).  once you have done this… then connect your new electrical wire to where the antennas was connected.  then connect your electrical wire to the antenna that you bought and now you have a “super steroid fm transmitter.”

Single Chip Transmitter

image 1 by Single Chip FM Transmitter

note: make sure that you assemble all the parts the way it was, it is not my fault if you screwed up and i think this might be illegal in couple of countries.  this is me just showing you that i got it done 😉 and that it is possible and you could probably do it as well.

Nimbuzz – Free international mobile call chat messaging with skype, msn & yahoo messenger, Icq

if you own a blackberry like me (in my current case pearl 8130) and you wish to be able to use skype and facebook chat then nimbuzz is your solution.  there are all messaging apps available for msn, aol, yahoo, google and others.  but you will not find an application for skype or facebook chat.  skype is still under current development of the skype mobile client and facebook chat is mmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn, i don’t know.  i don’t think that they will develop an application for facebook chat at the time, plus there are no rumors.

so why am i writing this to inform you something that you would probably already know, well because there is a mobile app for free that will be able to use skype and facebook chat at the same time plus other instant messaging clients.  the program is call nimbuzz and you could go and visit their site (link below) in order to find more information about them and download their program in order to be able to use skype and facebook chat.

hopefully you will enjoy as much as i do. i absolutely love it.

Nimbuzz – Free international mobile call chat messaging with skype, msn & yahoo messenger, Icq

PS: you will need to create an account with them and provide your mobile phone number. i thought that it was a scam, but is not. 😉

Giving up Facebook for Lent

Jesus sacrificed hisself  for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert (at least that is what the bible says).  so i am planning to do the same thing but jsut with facebook.  starting today i will not access my facebook for 40 days and 40 nights.  the only thing that i will be capable of is updating my status and facebook chat.  besides that i will not access my account for nothing else for that time frame.

and guess what!!! i will NOT cheat.

wish me good luck, because i know when ever i come back i will have like thousands of new app requests and probably some “friends” trying to be my friends.