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Giving up Facebook for Lent

Jesus sacrificed hisself  for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert (at least that is what the bible says).  so i am planning to do the same thing but jsut with facebook.  starting today i will not access my facebook for 40 days and 40 nights.  the only thing that i will be capable of is updating my status and facebook chat.  besides that i will not access my account for nothing else for that time frame.

and guess what!!! i will NOT cheat.

wish me good luck, because i know when ever i come back i will have like thousands of new app requests and probably some “friends” trying to be my friends.

Facebook On Your Messenger

alright… i know that i am currently working on a paper but i had to do this.  just as it right now i just experience the best application that i could ever imagine.  i really hate people that chat through facebook chat and i really hate to be bother while i am stalking others :D.  so what it is what i am talking about… the facebook integration to pidgin in order to use it as a instant message application, just like if you were using yahoo, msn, icq and others.

now i will be able to chat with my friends with no problem from my instant messenger.  that is why i love open source applications, it gives you the freedom  to use it which ever way you want it.

so in order to have facebook on your im you will need to get…

  1. pidgin at http://pidgin.im/
  2. facebook add-in at http://www.getdeb.net/release/3699

and that is it… NOTE: that this was tested on ubuntu (linux os).

Facebook Imported Sites

so i discover yesterday something pretty neat. 😛  what is what i discover?! this wonderful tool developed by Facebook which it allows me to import my RSS to my notes.  so since i have a blog where i post all or at least part of my life, this should go automatically to my facebook notes using RSS.  all i had to do was to link my RSS to the facebook application and everything is ready to go.

before of this i was using wordbook which it was a really neat aplpication as well.  but now since i have this, i guess there will be no more need of using wordbook any more.

New facebook redesign lauches today

After five months Facebook finally finishes their new web design wich is going be launched today.

What’s new:

  • Menu Bar
  • Mini-Feed and Wall are now under the wall tab
  • A new “Bio” box
  • Complete rearrangement of tabs for your wall, info, photos, and apps
  • Facebook Apps are now found in the “Boxes” tab
  • Users can add extra tabs
  • Use your webcam to take a photo or record a video to add to your collection or post on the Wall of your friends

Facebook new redesign

Facebook wants to be recognized as the cleanest open social website. Now with all the applications that you could install in your page and the spammers getting and sending information to your account facebook has decided to redesign their site. They say that they don’t want be another myspace and that is why they are going to do it. So far there is no information of when this is going to be launched.

Here is a picture of how the new design is going to look.

Facebook Facelift
image by BusinessWeek.com

Fotobook connected

Alright, so here is the deal. After a week trying to figure out how to connect and make Fotobook work in my WordPress plugins, I got it done and figured out. 😛

Here is what I did. Let say that you have WordPress already installed and configured. So you are going to go to Fotobook and download the last version. Once you download follow the installation instructions.

So here is what I did under the installation instructions that it made so special.


  1. Make sure that you are logout of facebook and your cookies are clear in your web browser
  2. After activating my Fotobook I went and open the Fotobook settings
  3. Click on “Grant Permissions”
  4. A new window is going to pop up.
  5. Enter your facebook user name and password, then sign-in
  6. Is going to tell you that you could close this window. Close it.
  7. Then go back to your Fotobook setting, which would be step 3.
  8. Click “Apply Permissions”
  9. Then your facebook account should appear under “Grant Permissions”
  10. Now click on “Go to Management”
  11. Click “Get Albums”

Now, you should your facebook and fotobook linked. If you are having any difficulties please contact the developer not me. I didn’t made the code.

FFF (Fake-Facebook-Friends)

alright, i’m going to start saying that i hate when people try to be y friend just on facebook, please tell me what is the whole point of being just my friends on facebook if you don’t ever talk to me in real life? what would be the whole point of it, ah?!

do you guys agree or disagree with my statement???