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Ooma fixed :)

so after analying my network I fix the problem with my Ooma device (https://irvingduran.com/bin/weblog/post/Omma-the-free-phone.aspx) and the problem was the Denial Of Service was blocking it.  Now I bypass it and it works like a beauty.

Omma the free phone

So, yesterday I just finished setting up my Ooma phone.  What Ooma is a telephone system that is free and works using VoIP and doesn’t require a telecommunication company in order to work.  This system was relatively easily stupid to setup. Once I followed the instructions in order to activate it, I was like, “So, what is the next step in order to finish?!” and I was already finished.
I made couple of calls to test the system and it seems to work great with my ISDN connection. Now, the only problem that I encountering is that I am getting some static whenever I place calls to certain numbers. But, if those numbers call me back there is no static. I just contacted Ooma tech support to see what the problem could be, and how it could be resolve. I honestly don’t know that it could be because I setup my QoS to high on this Ooma device.

Oh, well… Other than that is a great service.
Free phone forever Wink.