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Clarke College Athletics Web Site

well, well, well… clarke college realize that their athletic website looked a little bit out-of-date.  so they upgrade their site doing a parthnership with SIDHelp.  now we finaly look like a D1 school with broadcasting and everything.  if you want more information about this article you could visit the following page Clarke College to Launch New Athletics Web Site Wednesday.  some times i asked my self if i came to clarke at the wrong time.  in order to visit the new site all you have to do is to go to www.clarkecrusaders.com.

Phoenix New Web

after attending for 3 months to my masters program at University of Phoenix there was one thing that i didn’t like about their way of attending to classes.  they had two websites setup where one you will visit and go to your class and the other will will go and check your readings.  now they compile those two websites and now you will not have to travel to a different website.  everything now is done in one site and one site only.

keep it up 😉