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Streaming movies and music from iTunes to iPad to iPhone

Not until today that I found the right article to be able o stream from my iTunes to any of my apple devices.  Previously any time that I tried to make such a research, I found a bunch of apps that you would need to pay for and do some configuration on your PC or Mac.  Well, the article below will go over that you can do such a sharing for free by just using Apple “Home Sharing”.  … and let me tell you, it works slick!!! I was able even to stream my >15k songs to my devices :).

  1. First things first… enable iTunes Home Sharing on your PC so open iTunes
  2. Go to File “Home Sharing” -> “Turn On Home Sharing”
    Login with your Apple ID and password to identify your Home Shares
    With your Apple ID entered, click on “Create Home Share”
  3. Now let’s configure your devices….
  4. Go to “General” -> “Videos and scroll down and login with your Apple ID and password
  5. Open the Video app on the device.
  6. Then your shared library will show up 🙂
  7. Click on that library and you will be able to see all of your videos.
  8. Then click on the video that you would like to watch and enjoy

I’ve tested the steps form 5 through 9 using the Music app as well from my device.  The only difference is is that you would have to click on “More” to make the switch from sharing library to local library on the device.

I am Therefore iPad: Home Share iTunes Movies to iPad.

iTunes in Virtualbox and your iPod

so after installing ubuntu in my desktop i started to install windows xp on a virtual machine.  yes, i am running away from BLUE SCREENS and VIRUSES, why wouldn’t you?! well anyways… i needed my iTunes to run propertly and be able to sync with my iPod. i got it work worh with my library and THANK God that i make backups :).  well i thought that after enableling my usb drive and pluging my ipod and telling my itunes that my ipod is connected it was going to work propertly, but guess what!!! it didn’t.

so there was a extra special step that i had to take and it was pretty easy.  i shutted down my virtual machine and open up virtualbox program.  went to the windows xp settings, and then to usb.  in the usb i connected my ipod and waited until my ubuntu system recognized my ipod and then added the ipod to the filters.  this will allow my ipod to be recognized by windows before my ubuntu system.  pretty clever ah!

and that would be it… now my ipod works like if there was a sole windows os installed.  hope this helps to anybody.