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i just got done watching a awesome documentary/movie called “Rumbo A Las Grandes Ligas.”  it is based on the true story that every dominican has to go by in order for them to be on the major leagues.  every dominican dreams about being on the major leagues but only few are chosen to play in such a place.  after the usa, dominican republic is the second place in the world that has more player playing in the major leagues.

baseball it is not just “un deporte” for these guys… is a business. they play it because they love it and because they see a chance for them and their family to get out of debt.  i think that this is a “‘must watch” movie if you are open minded and you want to learn more about my culture on how we come from the bottom with nothing trying to make a live.  even though i did not experience a lot of these events… my family does. so do not try to come to me saying that you do not feel sorry for me, becuase i have family that i have to help as well.

here is a link for more information about this movie: i hope that you will enjoy it as much as i did.

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