Infanview Thumbnails Tutorial

This tutorial will show you and teach you how to make thumbnails using a freebie called Infranview Thumbnails.

Steps to make an image to a thumbnail

  1. I downloaded this image form this website
  2. Open InfranView Thumbnail
  3. Find where your image(s) is place AND select image (s)

Before we continue, please go to Options > Set Thumbnail Options … I have my setting setup like this

When you are done just click OK

  1. Now, go to File > Select single thumbs as single images…
  2. Go to your folder using windows explorer and you should have a new file created with “filename_t.jpg” in the end. Here is an example.

You are done. Now you have your old image and with the new thumbnail.

If you are having any difficulties with this tutorial, please contact me.

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