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Restore Grub

This tutorial will illustrate how to restore grub old settings just in case that you have messed up your linux box trying to install another OS as a dual-os.


  1. Open “Terminal
  2. type “sudo grub
  3. type “find /boot/grub/stage1
  4. a list of hard drives will appear, now pick the one that is going to provide the grub files.  In my case i am going to pick “hd0” because that is my hard drive.  in this tutorial please replace the 0 for the number of your hard drive given.
  5. type “root (hd0,0)
  6. type “setup (hd0)
  7. lastly “quit

this should take care of grub to be store in the mbr.

Show your Trash Can in Linux

this tutorial will illustrate how to have the icons in your desktop like windows instead of creating folders to show them icons in GNOME

  1. Open your “Terminal
  2. type “gconf-editor
  3. Then Goto “apps->nautilus->desktop
  4. Click the box beside computer_icon_visible, home_icon_visible, and trash_icon_visible
  5. Close the window and you should be set

Upgrading Ubuntu

I am not responsible for any damages, data loss or any other strange computer behaviors.

  1. Ubuntu 7.10 must be installed in your computer
  2. Open your “Terminal”
  3. Type sudo do-release-upgrade –devel-release
  4. Wait until the new system is downloaded and installed
  5. Be patient now… it is almost done
  6. Now is going to ask you if you want to remove the packages that were installed in your computer type y
  7. Now reboot your system
  8. Congratulations, you are finish. Now will have the final version prerelease of Ubuntu 8.04

If you want to install Ubuntu 8.04 through “Update Manager” click on this link for the tutorial.