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Selling a PC case fan

Alright, here is the deal… i bought these PC case fans by mistake and now i want to get rid of them so i am going to sell it on a cheap price. i have 2 and i will sell each of them for $13.99. it is a Thermaltake A2018 120mm Blue LED Case Fan. for more information you could go to this website and check it out

if you want to buy it please go to and buy it from me. my user name is blacknred0 .

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New PC fan

I was having problems with my computer temperature. It was getting supper-mega hot. Just so you know the computer temperature should be some where around 72-85 Fahrenheit degrees, mine was like 98-100 F-degrees. It was ridiculous. So’ I went online and search for some information about computer fans and I bought my self a “Thermaltake A2016 80mm Blue LED Case Fan”. It drops like 20 F-degrees and it is awesome.

Here are some details:

PC Fan

Brand Thermaltake
Model A2016
Type Case Fan
Compatibility Case
Fan Size 80mm
Bearing Type 1 Ball, 1 Sleeve
RPM Low: 1300 ±20% RPM
High: 4800 ±10% RPM
Air Flow 21.6 – 72.5 CFM
Noise Level 17 – 48.5 dBA
Power Connector 3 Pin
Color Transparent
LED Blue
Physical Spec
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 25mm
Features Smart LED Fan (3 functions in 1):
1. Full speed when jumper on
2. Temperature control : Fan speed varies according to the temp detected by the sensor
3. Manual control : Adjust fan speed manually
Package Contents
Package Contents A2016 Case Fan
Temperature control sensor
3 / 4 Pin Power Connector
Fan Speed Controller
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year
Labor 1 year


So if your computer is getting hot, i recommend you to buy one of these.