How to make a call from your cellphone using Google Voice

Google voice has been out for quite a while now. There are pros and cons, just like everything else, but I think that one of the benefits about this system is that allows you to make calls without the Google Voice software. This means that you will not need an app installed on your iPhone or Android device. In order to do this, you will need to have your settings on your Google Voice account setup correctly.



Once you have followed all of those instructions then you are ready to use Google voice on your phone without the application. All you will need to do is to dial the following from your phone… 1235556666,,2,9998887777#

  • Where “1235556666” is your Google voice number
  • AND “,,2,” will tell your Google voice number that you would like to dial out. ┬áNOTE: If you have voicemails, this might not work as smooth.
  • AND “9998887777#” is the phone number that you would like to dial out.

At this point the receiver (the person who you are calling) will get Google voice number as the caller ID and you will be using Google voice number to place your call.

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