Monthly Archives: September 2008

Phoenix New Web

after attending for 3 months to my masters program at University of Phoenix there was one thing that i didn’t like about their way of attending to classes.  they had two websites setup where one you will visit and go to your class and the other will will go and check your readings.  now they compile those two websites and now you will not have to travel to a different website.  everything now is done in one site and one site only.

keep it up 😉

So Busy

Well… what can i say… i been really busy the last couple of months, i think that is not easy at all whenever you are working, doing your master’s, and being a coach.  it just freaking take a lot of time.  hopefully i’ll try to express my self a little bit more in my blog for the future just so i know how i really feel 20 years from now.