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so yes, i got hacked in october 24th.  how this happened?  well… i had to open couple of ports so my roommate could play a game.  these ports lead hackers to get into my lan and use my ip address to download illegal items.

so here is my story in short…  i came that day from work and my roommate tell me that there is not internet connection.  i was that is ok… i bet that my isp (internet service provider) is making some changes in order to improve performance.  so i wait until next day to call and get my internet fix.  when i called my isp tell me that i was flagged down.  i ask flagged down with what?  they told me that my ip was registed by downloading illegal documents online.  when i asked the time that this happened, they told me that it happened at 12:15am CST.  when i check my firewall i saw that there was some ip addresses that were trying to hack my server and i report those ip addresses to my isp in order to improve this virtual system from hackers.