Get HBO Go to work in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – … and other streaming services like Amazon Prime, 4oD that are DRM-Protected Flash 

So, I tested this in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Firefox 38.  This tool did not worked in Chrome 43.

You will need to add the PPA to your Ubuntu box and then install the program.

  1. open “Terminal”
  2. type “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mjblenner/ppa-hal”.  Then go through the prompts
  3. then, type “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hal”
  4. Open up Firefox and give it a ride!

Getting Amazon Prome, 4OD, Demand 5, or Google Play Movies to work on Ubuntu 13.10 requires a little bit of effort, but it can be done.

Source: Get Amazon Prime, 4oD and Other DRM-Protected Flash Working in Ubuntu 13.10 – OMG! Ubuntu!

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