Move messages from one Lotus Notes archive to another archive

Just recently I found out how difficult is to search through out my split archives.  I found this recourse but, really doesn’t give me the information that I need in order for me to be able to merge my archive *.nsf files.  So, instead here I am documenting how you can merger multiple Lotus Notes archive files.

  1. make sure that your folder structure is the same across archives.  If is not, then create the folders in the archive where you will be moving the data to.
  2. backup your archives just in case something goes wrong
  3. create an archive replica where you would like to move the files to
  4. go to your workspace
  5. right click on the replica that you would like to move data from
  6. go to Applications -> properties
  7. Click on “Archive Settings…”
  8. Create a new setting.
  9. Click “Selection Criteria…” . In this case we are going to move any file that hasn’t been modify in the last 1 day.
  10. Check “Enable this criteria”
  11. Update the section “What Should Happen to the Selected Documents?” and choose the archive db where you will be moving this data to.
  12. Once you are done click “OK”, then “OK” again.
  13. At this point you should be back to the workspace.  Double click/open on the archive db that you would like to move data from.
  14. Go to File -> Application -> Archive…
  15. Then hit “Yes”
  16. Let it run in the background until all your emails has been moved.  Hit F9 to refresh window if you are not sure if all your emails have been moved.
  17. before saying viola … double check that everything has been move and then viola!!! enjoy having only one archive.

Let me know whether this documentation didn’t help you or not 🙂

Source Move messages from one Lotus Notes archive to another.

17 thoughts on “Move messages from one Lotus Notes archive to another archive

  1. Kyle Katarn

    2022 and this tips still usefull !

    We moved from HCL Note to Outlook (yes !) but no solution provides for old emails in Notes so I have to make a big archive and keep Notes to access old emails.

    Thanks !

  2. Von


    I just want to ask, the isssue is that the archived mails do not show up in the Inbox view, but only in All Documents and “Recently archived”. Also in those views it is visible that the documents are not in any folder. accroding to “All Documents” one document should be in Inbox, but it is not displayed, only the unread status.

    What I did:
    Opened the archive in designer and deleted $Inbox view, and reapplied template but did not help.

    This steps also
    1. Make a new copy of the users database, the original Mail Database.
    2. In the option of new copy, save it to local, any drive, C,D and so on, change the extension to “.ntf” originally .nsf, encryption must be do not locally encrypt.
    3. In the bottom options, it must be desing only, and uncheck ACL.
    4. after creating the template. Open the user archive database, Goto File> application > replace design. you must have admin account to do this. then lets find out if it will solve the issue.

    Also this:
    Created archive it works but the newly created archive doean’t have the folder structure of the old one

    What else can be done?

    Thanks in advance

    1. blacknred0 Post author

      Do you have the same type of right’s with the *.NSF files? You might want to create a new *.NSF file and then make sure that you have the proper rights and access. Not sure if you are using Win or Linux.

  3. selvendran


    I try to split one archive mails into another, but i am getting below error.

    Error: You do not have the required access rights to the source database.

    1. blacknred0 Post author

      That means that from your windows source db, you don’t have the proper access. Can you view that source archive? If so, maybe just make sure that from the windows and Lotus notes aspect, you have access overall.

  4. Tony Hopman

    Greetings, it is possible to move an existing archive to a different location ie, from local computer (C:) to a network drive?

  5. Laszlo Pinter


    Is there any way to split mail archive into several one? For sizing issue I need to deal with this task and seems pretty challenging.

    Opposite of your post above but maybe you have got experience about this.


    1. blacknred0 Post author

      Yes… you can definitely do that. Precisely that was the way that I started with multiple archives. In Notes you can go to Options -> Archive -> Settings… and then click “Create”. From there you can create as many archives with whichever settings your want.

  6. Kim

    Hi, I want to move all my documents from Archive A, B, C & D to one : Archive E.

    All 4 archives have many different folders – can this way still work?

    1. blacknred0 Post author

      Yes, I should still work, but you would have to make sure that the folders are matching from archive to archive.

      Let me know how it goes :).

  7. Mukund Gandhi

    Yes, it helped me. I moved all my mails without any hassle. Fantastic guidance provided by you man…

  8. local backup

    We’ve been a gaggle connected with volunteers as well as commencing a brand new system in the online community. Your blog provided us with beneficial facts to figure for. You could have carried out the challenging procedure and also your overall area may very well be fortunate to you.


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