Monthly Archives: April 2009

BlackBerry blocking SMS

so after having my blackberry for two years i decided to block SMS since i had to pay for each one that i either receive or send.  and my blackberry blocked 657 messages :).  i always wondered how many SMS messsages would of windows block?!  i guess any because they do not have the utility to do so :P.

Morfeus Fucking Scanner

so today when i was checking my log i found this “morfeus fucking scanner” on my tracker.  i got a little bit worried about it. so i started to research and i found that this is some type of server that scans wordpress blogs for holes.  apparently if there is a hole then the hacker will be able to get into your system.  but sure enough there is a solution.  please click under resources so you could find a answer like i did.

Update on Morfeus Fucking Scanner