Daily Archives: March 1, 2007

For Facebook Lovers

facebook has just developed  a new tool for Mozilla firefox which allows you  to receive updates from your friends all the time while you are browsing. it is a awesome tool. i have it installed in my computer and i would really recommend it. to download just click on the link : http://developers.facebook.com/toolbar/

and check me out at facebook: http://www.facebook.com/p/IrViNg_DuRaN/76500661

Truefriends Test

i have developed this test to see who really are my true friends.  all you have to do is to take the test clicking on this link: http://www.truefriendtest.com/friendtest/38352 . and if you want to see the results of the other people that have taken the test just click here http://www.truefriendtest.com/friend/38352/1.gif . it is free and you could test others to see if they really are your friends.