Monthly Archives: March 2007

At St. Louis

after playing couple of baseball games, i would say that people’s brain doesn’t work the same. first because all the energy that has being used on the field and second BECAUSE YOU ARE ON THE PHONE… lol… the first video is just tito & me, chillin’ and talking on the bus, but the second video is Mayito, which it got trap because he was on the phone and couldn’t walk straight through the doors, instead he chose to go through the first one and then play around with the other ones.   and mayo, "don’t take it personal". lol…

Talking about Talking about Pandora no more?


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Blas B-Day Party

 a wild night, and a wild birthday, this is for the people that didn’t go to one of the best parties ever, a lot of things happened and the people that was there remembers that.  i posted some pictures on the party album and here are some videos that you can watch of people perreando til’ the floor. hahahahahahha.  hope that you enjoy watching what we enjoy doing… ahhahahahah

XP to Vista but still XP

are you tired of having XP and want to have Vista installed on you computer?  yeap, but there is a problem that you don’t have to money to buy the new windows vista.  here is the solution for your problem.  now you can download this new transformation pack which enables you to transform yours XP to Vista.  your computer will still have installed XP but it will just look like Vista.  in order to download this file click on this link  i installed the whole package and haven’t had any problem and my computer it looks juts like Vista but still XP.

hope that you will enjoy your computer more, since it looks like Vista now.


MLB The Show 07

i am a baseball fanatic even though i play baseball also.  last year i bought the game of mlb 07 the show and it was awesome, i would even say that it was one of the best baseball games ever made in the baseball history.  well guess what on monday it came out the 07 and is rated 8.5 on ps2 which is even better than 2k7 for xbox 360.  this cage this year was awesome i would even say better than ever.  their new mlb the show 07 for ps3 comes out around april so imagine this one what the rating would be?!  i mean they fixed everything on this game, so for next year i’ll be waiting for more improvements.

here are some graphics of the game hope that you would enjoy it the way i do.

For Facebook Lovers

facebook has just developed  a new tool for Mozilla firefox which allows you  to receive updates from your friends all the time while you are browsing. it is a awesome tool. i have it installed in my computer and i would really recommend it. to download just click on the link :

and check me out at facebook:

Truefriends Test

i have developed this test to see who really are my true friends.  all you have to do is to take the test clicking on this link: . and if you want to see the results of the other people that have taken the test just click here . it is free and you could test others to see if they really are your friends.